Diesel Fuel Filtration

This webinar will review all aspects of diesel fuel filtration. We will be educating on all fueling regulations and standards which will improve fuel quality while protecting your diesel equipment.

Facet Webinar Series

Diesel Fuel Filtration

Heavy Equipment

Recorded: November 19, 2020

11:30 am CST

What you will learn in the webinar:

  • Emission standards for diesel fuel.
  • Why diesel filtration is imperative to keep your equipment failure-free.
  • Diesel ISO ratings for fuel cleanliness.
  • Best practices to ensure clean and dry fuel.


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Host: John Leonard, Aviation Sales Manager

With over 30 years of refined fuels filtration experience – Facet representative, John Leonard, sold his first Facet product in 1978. He joined Facet as a Regional Sales Manager in 2000. He graduated with a BS in Chemistry & Oceanography from the University of Washington. John serves as the Facet representative with the technical committees for IATA, EI, NATA & AFFC.