Filter Water Separators:
Standards, Design, Operation & Regulations

Learn about proper installation of a Filter Water Separator and how they can be used to improve fueling performance.

Facet Webinar Series

Filter Water Separators: Standards, Design, Operation & Regulations

Recorded on: 11:30 am CDT, August 06, 2020

What you will learn in the webinar:

∙ Standards and global governing bodies responsible for safe fueling operations.

∙Design features that are mandatory on Filter Water Separators.

∙Operations including proper torque specifications and cleaning procedures.

∙Regulations to assist in the reliable and safe provision of jet fuel to commercial aircrafts.


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Host: John Leonard, Aviation Sales Manager

With over 30 years of refined fuels filtration experience – Facet representative, John Leonard, sold his first Facet product in 1978. He joined Facet as a Regional Sales Manager in 2000. He graduated with a BS in Chemistry & Oceanography from the University of Washington. John serves as the Facet representative with the technical committees for IATA, EI, NATA & AFFC.