Facet helps South East Asian Refinery Streamline Process


The Challenge

A refining company in South East Asia needed a longer lasting filtration element in order to decrease maintenance costs while increasing fuel quality.

This jet fuel refinery, located in SEA, is one of three refineries supplying jet fuel to a major airport. They faced issues as one of their filtration elements began frequently rupturing during the pumping cycle, allowing solids to carry over in the filtration process that the FWS (filter water separator) could not handle. Without a reliable prefilter element, there was little practical filtration which resulted in clients complaining of decreased quality in fuel.

The Solution

The Facet team recommended the implementation of an FA Series 5 micron element which could better withstand the filtration demands.

While considering the necessary constraints of budget and allocated space, our team recommended the use of an FA Series 5 micron element, which provides a looser fit but double the lifespan of the previous element. By introducing the FA Series 5 micron element, which can provide up to a week of it prevented premature element rupture, the refining company could schedule element change-out between pumping cycles. This allows for a more streamlined process and necessitates less expense pertaining to maintenance and part replacement.

The Results

The refinery was able to streamline the refining process while providing their consumers with increasingly clean and dry fuel.

After implementing the FA Series 5 micron element, the refinery experienced significant savings on coalescer elements and improvements in their element change-out schedule. The new element allows for three months of reliability between change-outs and avoids mid-pumping cycle ruptures while eliminating solid carry-over. With a drastically decrease of fuel contamination during the filtration process, the company can now provide their consumers with improved quality fuel.

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