Facet supplied 155 Portable Diesel Filtration Units to Walker Machinery


Walker Machinery -owned by CAT Dealer- relied in Facet to develop a small portable filtration system to supply high quality diesel fuel.


Poor diesel fuel filtration can cause damage to fuel injectors and fuel pumps and result in engine failures and down-time.
As diesel engines become more advanced, it’s critical to keep the diesel fuel supply to the engine as free from debris and water contamination as possible.
We partnered with Walker Machinery to create a small portable diesel filtration system that would be an affordable solution that would meet the performance requirements in a single pass and that is easily transported from one job to the next.


Portable Fuel Filtration System
The Portable Fuel Filtration Unit was created for use when no pump or motor are available at the job site. The combination of the Fuel-Gard® VF Housing could operate on 12 VDC or 120 VAC power and proved to be exactly what Walker was looking for.

Walker initially purchased 10 AC powered units and 10 DC powered units. After some trials in the field, Walker decided most of their applications didn’t require a pump, as most of their locations already had a pumping system. Walker then piped three of the units together so they could achieve a higher flow rate of 60 gpm.


Walker purchases 155 units to date.
Walker Machinery started purchasing these units in April 2013 and have purchased 155 of these units that filter CAT diesel equipment all over the world.

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