80 years making the world safer, healthier, and more productive®

At Facet, we have a long history of innovation in the field of filtration. Since the company was founded in 1943, we have been at the forefront of innovation, developing groundbreaking filtration solutions that have a positive impact on the world, such as the first aviation fuel coalescer used by the US military during World War II.

We have continued to leverage our 80 years of filtration knowledge and expertise to drive further development of refined fuels filtration solutions resulting in high performing, high quality filtration elements and filtration housings used all throughout the world.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Facet was a result of 7 companies merging, and it was initially focused on the automotive industry (Facet is an acronym of Filter Automotive Components Environmental Technology), but the proven efficiency of our products enabled us to quickly expand into new adjacent markets.


1943 – Warner Lewis Company (Facet) established

1943 – Developed the first aviation coalescer to be used by the US Army during WWII

1945 – Warner Lewis Company (Facet) was acquired by Fram Corporation

1953 – Warner Lewis Company (Facet) granted patent on Excel-So repack

1955 – Warner Lewis Company (Facet) develops VFCS and FCS model filter separators for commercial jet fueling operations

1964 – Warner Lewis Company (Facet) was renamed to Fram Corporation, Industrial Division

1964 – Fram (Facet) introduced Go-No-Go jet fuel monitor

1964 – Fram (Facet) introduced AGB model, series 1 coalescer, Super-Spun and Fuel-Gard

1967 – Bendix Corporation acquired Fram Corporation (Facet)

1970 – Fram (Facet) introduced series 3 coalescers and series 5 coalescers

1971 – Fram (Facet) develops oil water separator system

1975 – Bendix created Facet Enterprises, Inc. comprised of three Fram and four Bendix entities

1976 – Facet Enterprises separated from Bendix Corporation and became an independent and publicly-owned company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma

1981 – Facet introduced series 8 coalescers

1985 – Facet acquires Fram’s Industrial filter operations including their European divisions

1985 – Facet Enterprises, Inc. merged Quantek and Facet Industrial divisions

1986 – Facet Enterprises purchased Purolator Automotive Filters

1986 – Facet Enterprises name changed to Facet Quantek

1986 – Facet introduced 6-inch diameter water absorptive type cartridges

1990 – Facet introduced synthetic separators

1990 – Facet introduced series 9 coalescers

1992 – Facet qualifies lube oil filter separator for use on US Navy Seawolf Class Submarines

1992 – Facet qualifies Oil Water Separator for use on US Navy Aircraft Carriers

1994 – Facet Quantek name changed to Facet International

1999 – Facet introduced first coalescer and separator qualified for use with M+100 fuel for the US Air Force

2000 – CLARCOR purchases Filter Products Inc. (Purolator Liquid Process – PLP) in Sacramento, CA

2000 – Facet introduced API 1581 5th edition coalescers & separators

2001 – Facet qualifies coalescer/separator to Mil-PRF-15618G for US Navy, M Fuel

2003 – Filter Products Inc. (PLP) joins Purolator Advanced Filtration Group

2003 – Facet introduced API 1590 qualified micro-filters

2004 – Scientific Process Solutions (SPS) formed – testing company

2004 – Facet completes 10th qualification for API/EI 1581 5th edition coalescers & separators

2006 – Opened Aviation Ground Fuel Testing Facility in Greensboro, NC

2007 – CLARCOR acquires Perry Equipment Corp. (PECO) and merges them with Facet International

2007 – New offices opened in key countries, improving global position

2010 – Stilwell manufacturing plant expansion. New 60,000 sq.ft warehouse 

2016 – Facet is the only filtration company to qualify coalescers to MIL-PRF-52308 for the US Army

2017 – Completes its 41st qualification for EI standards for coalescers and separators

2018 – Filtration Group acquires Facet

2021 – Kaydon Filtration and Facet join forces to provide the best filtration solutions in the market

Then in the 1980’s Facet made the strategic decision to expand globally via a consistent network of partners coupled with the strategic distribution of manufacturing sites. This allowed us to provide premier engineering, laboratory, and field work services to our customers around the world.
Our history of serving the refined fuels market has allowed us to partner with our customers to provide premier customer service, technical support, and high-quality solutions which deliver safety and reliability for their critical applications. But this all is only possible because of the great team of people that have and continue to serve Facet throughout our history. Our team is made up of entrepreneurs which couple technical expertise, innovation, and a fanatical customer-centric thinking.

Fully integrated in Filtration Group since 2018, we have continued delivering proven filtration systems which are mission critical to improving productivity and safeguarding millions around the world. Whether it’s providing safety for air travel, improving the reliability and performance of heavy equipment, delivering clean water, or protecting the environment you can trust us to be there for you.

We are Facet, and together, we are making the world safer, healthier and more productive®.