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Filtration Solutions for Heavy Equipment

Maximize the efficiency of your heavy equipment. Improve operator safety. Extend the life of your machinery.

Removing water and debris from fuel is critical to protecting and increasing the life of heavy equipment. Our Diesel Filtration products are engineered to provide the most cost-effective solutions for cleaning your diesel fuel supply.

Heavy Equipment Fuel Filtration

Benefits of Diesel Filtration Solutions for Heavy Equipment

Engineered to meet quality standards

Major manufacturers of diesel-powered equipment require the fuel to meet an ISO standard of 16/13/11. Our range of diesel fuel filtration systems guarantee clean, dry fuel for your heavy equipment and ensure your fuel meets recommended quality standards.

Extend injector life and lower maintenance costs

As diesel engines become more advanced, it is critical to keep the diesel fuel supply free from debris and water contamination as possible.

Poor diesel fuel filtration can cause damage to fuel injectors and fuel pumps and result in engine failures and down-time. Our filtration solutions are designed to maximize contaminant removal to extend the life of injectors, and ultimately the machinery. This means less risk of failure, lower maintenance costs and, ultimately, a greater bottom line.

Cost-effective solutions to best-fit your needs

Whatever your application, you can choose from a wide range of filtration solutions to fit:

  • Large volume bulk storage systems: Model M & VCS housings can handle flow rates of 100 gpm and higher.
  • Small volume solution: SuperFlexTM housing is an economical choice for flow rates from 30 to 100 gpm. Depending on the cartridge used, it can be used as a microfilter or a filter water separator.
  • Fuel directly pumped into the equipment: Fuel-Gard® VF-21SB/22SB can be directly connected in-line for flow rates up to 30 gpm.
  • No pump and motor available on site: The Portable Fuel Filtration Unit comes complete with a VF-21SB housing, fueling nozzle and pump/motor combination to provide a packaged unit that can be easily transported.
Common Applications

With 35+ years of experience in innovative filtration technology for Heavy Equipment, we engineer solutions for critical applications:

  • Hydraulic and Lubrication Fluids – Remove corrosion contaminants to protect rotating equipment and other critical components.
  • Diesel Filtration – Cost-effective solutions for cleaning your diesel fuel supply.


Diesel Brochure

Diesel Brochure

Facet Diesel Filtration products can help you meet your manufacturer’s requirements.

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