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We partner with you to help reduce your operating costs and improve performance.

Delivering high-quality, unyielding filtrations solutions requires a commitment to our partners. We collaborate with you to understand your business and the challenges you face. We specialize in providing you with technologically-advanced solutions that fit your needs. Our teams serve as an extension of your operations to improve your filtration systems and reduce costly downtimes.

Our combined staff has decades of experience and knowledge and our customers rely on Facet to deliver quality and value that consistently exceeds expectations. We implement lean manufacturing techniques with smart solutions that anticipate potential obstacles. We help you anticipate challenges and work to overcome them before they surface.


We take our responsibility in partnering with our customers seriously.

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Process Technologies has joined the world’s fastest growing filtration solutions company, Filtration Group. We are global leaders in providing innovative filtration systems and solutions to more than 30 industries. Aviation, Marine Technology, Oil & Gas, and Refineries & Petrochemicals are some of the markets we serve.