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SAP Monitor Replacement
Frequently Asked Questions

Facet has worked with our Engineering and Development teams to develop this reference of Frequently Asked Questions
we are receiving from the industry regarding SAP Monitor Replacement. We will be updating as more information becomes available.

Having been a leading supplier of aviation filtration solutions for 80 years, Facet has a long history as an industry leader with refined fuel filtration. We have included below some of our frequently asked questions for quick reference regarding our Water Containment technology and additional SAP Monitor Replacement technologies.

This page attempts to answer all the questions we get asked often. If you cannot find the answer to your specific question, please contact us or submit a question by filling out the form located at the bottom of this page.

EI-15XX Water Containment

  1. Demonstrated improved performance over existing monitor element on standard into plane water removing and stopping tests
  2. Demonstrated media stability and water removing performance with abuse testing which replicated negligent field operation
  3. Developed a qualitative detection method to identify potential media migration
  4. Developed a quantitative detection method to measure media migration
  5. Completed the development of a rig to induce rapid pressure cycles
  6. Completing media stability testing which includes soaking cartridges in various fuels, additives, refining byproducts and contaminants, and then inducing repeated high differential pressure cycles

It is estimated to be commercially available before the regulatory bodies phase out the use of the existing Monitor Technology.

Yes, Water Containment is a plug and play solution which requires no additional training for operators.

A minimum of 1 year, although field trials will confirm the change-out frequency.

Yes, in the event of free water due to temperature changes.

Yes, water is stripped from the fuel by the media and contained within the cartridge preventing stagnant water from collecting in the vessel.

No, an EI-1598 compliant EWS will not be required to be used in conjunction with a Water Containment cartridge.

Water Containment strips the water from jet fuel and contains it within the structure of the media through adhesion.

Preliminary testing shows that the Water Containment technology is compatible with typical concentrations of FSII found in fuel

The maximum operational differential pressure will be set after the completion of the field trials. Lab testing has shown media stability during extended testing at 22.5psi and higher.

Yes, initially 2” will be available and 6” versions will be qualified after the completion of the field trials


To be determined

Yes, The Water Containment solution removes free and entrained water from jet fuel preventing the contaminated fuel from being transferred to aircraft.


No, installation procedures for Water Containment cartridges will not need to be modified from existing installation requirements.

Yes, identical to current monitor housings.

EI-1598 EWS and EI-1599 Dirt Defense

Yes, however they are required to be used in conjunction with an approved EWS and significant equipment modifications are required in order to install the EI-1588 EWS.

Yes, the EWS is required to be installed downstream of the filter vessel due to the potential of a water slug forming in the filter vessel over time.


Approximately 3X the cost of currently used Monitor Elements

15 PSI or every 3 years based on ATA 103, 5 years based on JIG, whichever takes place first.

An annual inspection of the cartridges for integrity and microbial growth is required.


Conservatively – $20,000 – $30,000 USD.

Yes, based on ATA 103 requires annually. JIG requires this annually after the first 2 years.

Conservatively $1K


It is required to bring in a system with water removing technology.


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