We Meet or Exceed Energy Institute Standards for Aviation Filtration Solutions

Meet the most stringent performance and reliability requirements for aviation fuel. Benefit from the highest filtration performance even in the toughest conditions and improve your operations safety with the best filtration solutions in aviation.

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With 80 years at the forefront of aviation fueling, we provide the most advanced and cost-effective technologies for ensuring clean, contaminate-free dry fuel from the refinery to the aircraft.

Benefits of Aviation Filtration Solutions

Engineered to meet global quality standards

Our filter vessels and elements are qualified to the latest Energy Institute (EI) Standards for Aviation Fuel Handling. This includes both commercial and military fuel filtration requirements.

Designed for high performance in every application

Whether fueling a commercial aircraft, or performing in the toughest military environments, our experts have designed filtration products that deliver the highest performance every time.

We take the time to understand your unique aviation needs and challenges, then engineer the best-fit solutions.

Whatever your challenges, our team is ready to help.

Reduce downtime and keep to schedule

Maximize contaminant removal to protect and extend the life of downstream equipment, which reduces downtime and ensures you keep to strict aviation schedules.

All it takes is one delivery of jet fuel to be contaminated with water and solids for a whole terminal to be at risk. With the right cartridges to filter contaminants properly, you ensure only the highest quality jet fuel is used and prevent any interruption in airport fueling operations.

Cost-effective Aviation Filtration solutions to best fit your needs

Choose from a wide range of commercial and military aviation filtration solutions designed for your unique needs:

Coalescer & Separators – Designed for maximum coalescence and ultra-fine solids removal.
Filter Water Separators – Filter solids and separate water from jet fuel.
Clay Elements – Protect fuel filtration systems and jet fuel by removing surfactants, color and additives.
Clay Filters – A complete absorptive system to prolong the life of filter water separator cartridges downstream.
Multi-Purpose Housing – Versatile, compact, lightweight housings for use as microfilters, filter water separators or monitor filters depending on the cartridges installed.

Aviation filtration applications we can solve

With 80 years of experience in innovative filtration technology for Aviation fueling, we engineer solutions for a wide range of commercial and military aviation applications.

Fueling and defueling commercial, general and military aircraft require the highest level of service and commitment to quality, the environment, and the prevention of operational downtime. Timely refueling of aircraft is essential to the overall performance of an airport and its aviation schedule. Our customers rely on us as we ensure adherence to every policy and regulation in place to protect the environment and the health and safety of all personnel. We measure our performance on timeliness, quality, safety, and accuracy so our partners can conduct their businesses using safe, efficient and environmentally conscious methodologies.

Key Deliverables:

  • Dispensing management
  • Fuel conversion
  • Full-scale refueling and defueling of all aircraft
  • Record filter differential pressure and product temperature variations Strict adherence to all safety, health and environmental regulations


For decades we have provided filtration systems and solutions for extreme environments. The U.S. military has relied on us to provide products that perform in the toughest applications and operating conditions and that meet strict military regulations.

As innovative leaders in our field, our expert teams provide solutions that are custom-designed to protect sophisticated aviation equipment. Depending on specific requirements, we provide solutions with precise, systematic engineering with on-site quality testing to ensure that each defense customer has the appropriate system for their specific need.

Key Deliverables:

  • Air intake solutions
  • Expansive variety of media materials
  • Exhaust and emission control systems
  • Semiconductor processing


We understand that successful, efficient oil and gas refining processes require a pure feed stream. That stream must be free of fluid and particulate contaminants. Our customers have relied on our technologically-advanced solutions for decades. We guarantee to deliver customized filtration and fluid separation solutions for a wide variety of refining processes. Our engineers and design teams partner with you to improve the refining process through effective and reliable contaminant removal, reduced maintenance downtime, extended life of sophisticated equipment, and improved filtration quality to optimize your operations.

Key Deliverables:

  • Extend the life of sophisticated equipment
  • Improved output quality
  • Maximize harmful contaminant removal
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce the need for maintenance interventions

Tank Farm

Also referred to as oil depots or terminals, our customers rely on our innovative filtration solutions to solve the most problematic corrosion problems. We have been working with facility teams that store chemicals such as petroleum for decades and understand the fragile ecosystem required to properly store chemicals such as petroleum. In addition to corrosion, tanks, or depots used to store liquid petrochemicals before being sent to end consumers and retail facilities can be affected by the fire. Proper protection with reliable filtration components is essential.

Key Deliverables:

  • Customized solutions for gravity, hand, air and electrical applications
  • High-performance fuel filters in a variety of micron sizes
  • Rust and weather-resistant

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