For more information related to the recent notice of FG-2xx-7 Fuel Monitors, click here.

Important Product Notice

We completed third party ICP Copper Testing under Laboratory Testing Procedures (IAW Energy
Institute (EI) 1583 Specification on Fuel Filter Monitors, 7th Edition) by a reputable independent
third party. Results were >50 ppb

As such, we continue to recommend the use of certain Facet Fuel Monitors be discontinued:

  • FG-230-7
  • FG-225-7
  • FG-220-7
  • FG-215-7
  • FG-210-7
  • FG-205-7

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause, and we are facilitating the return on impacted units from the field and in inventory.

With 80 years of tradition making product quality and customer safety our number one priority, we will work tirelessly with all customers through this process until resolved.

Should you have any concerns, please contact us at [email protected] for 24-7 service.


What part numbers are affected by this issue?

All Facet affected part numbers include those which meet the qualifications outlined in the 7th Edition of EI-1583 specifications.

  • FG-230-7
  • FG-225-7
  • FG-220-7
  • FG-215-7
  • FG-210-7
  • FG-205-7

No other Facet products are impacted by this notice.

What do we do with the existing stock we have of FG-2XX-7 model Fuel Monitors?

If you wish to return your current stock without waiting for further technology validation, please contact [email protected].

They will assist you in requesting a credit to your account and provide guidance on the product return process.

What is the ICP Copper Test which the technology did not pass?

The testing which Facet’s FG-2XX-7 did not pass is in relation to a portion of the annual required testing specification under EI 1583 7th edition.

Should all FG Monitor elements installed currently be considered and pulled out of service?

Until Facet is able to confirm the scope of the issue, this communication covers all Facet EI-1583 7th edition, FG-2XX-7 model Monitors that have been sold.

What lot or manufacturing dates are included in the notice and should be considered eligible for refund?

The notice includes only FG-2XX-7 models with a manufacture date from October 3, 2021, to the present date. Products with manufacturing dates prior to this range are considered expired and are not eligible for returns.

Is Facet including all Monitors FG-2 and FG-O models as part of this notice?

Facet is only including FG-2 models as they are the product which is tested and qualified to meet EI-1583 7th edition. This does not apply to the FG-O models which Facet will continue to supply.

What if I am using a FG-2XX-7 model product for an application that is not qualified or requiring EI-1583 7th edition?

Our current FG-2 models solution meets EI-1583 6th edition requirements.

How do we request a refund for the product we have currently which is included in your notice to the industry?

For product which was bought directly from Facet please contact [email protected] including the sales order number and/or manufacturing number (MR number on the elements), company name, and contact information.
For product which was sold to you through a Facet partner, please reach out to them directly and provide the following sales order, manufacturing number (MR number on the elements), company name, and contact information.  If  you have product currently installed, please provide your PO or order number to the Distributor, as there is no need to open the vessel to obtain the MR numbers. They will then work with us to coordinate a credit.

What is Facet doing to prepare a solution for the January 1 removal date set out by A4A ATA 103?

Facet is actively working on developing product offerings for into-plane applications to meet the requirements set by A4A ATA 103 for the January 1 removal date. While we cannot disclose specific details about these solutions at this time, we are committed to sharing information with the industry as soon as possible.

What solution(s) are we to be using now that Facet is not supplying the affected models currently?

For those which operate against ATA 103, per the communication of A4A Bulletin 2023.2 they reference a final date of use of January 1, 2024. This bulletin which is linked below also provides guidance on what is required to operate through the final date of January 1, 2024.

For reference to what additional technologies are currently available for use for into-plane filtration technology per ATA 103 include Facet Filter Water Separators which meet EI-1581, Filter Monitors listed in Annex 3, EI-1590 Water Barrier technology, and the EI-1598 Water Sensor with EI-1599 Filter Elements.

Will Facet supply elements for EI-1583 7th Edition applications prior to the January 1, 2024 date?

At this time Facet’s position is that we will not be taking any new orders or shipping any product of the FG-2XX-7 models affected.

As a Channel Partner for Facet, should I continue to supply the FG-2XX-7 model elements to my customers prior to the January 1 date:

While we work to resolve and identify the root cause for the testing deviation we ask that our channel partners also discontinue supply of these products which they may have in stock.

If I currently have product on order with Facet that includes the affected element models, will Facet still be shipping these or do I need to cancel the purchase order?

For any open sales orders that Facet has we will maintain these orders for the time being and will be reaching out to address each independently. If there is concern that you have additional product on order which is needed in the meantime, please reach out directly to customer service via [email protected] with the sales order number being referenced as we will work to quickly ensure the product is delivered on time and without disruption.

Where can I reach out to someone with a question that is not covered in this FAQ document?

For any additional questions that you may have please reach out via the email to [email protected].

If I am an operator or have a customer that follows JIG what guidance is available?

JIG issued Bulletin 148 on October 9,2023 which can be referenced here.