Case Studies

Facet Supports Pollution Prevention from Substations at Off-shore Wind Farms


THE SEAWATER FLOWING THROUGH THE TAIWAN STRAIT IS PROTECTED BY FACET’S MAS OIL WATER SEPARATOR. To help preserve marine life and lessen the environmental impact of Off-shore Wind Farms, engineers from Facet developed a solutionto protect our ocean’s delicate life for future generations. Offshore wind energy, a fast-growing sector of renewable energies worldwide, is changing […]

Contaminated Jet Fuel Created an Urgent Demand for Filter Cartridges


A JET FUEL TERMINAL IN NORTHWEST EUROPE RELIES ON FACET FILTERS FOR ENHANCED WATER SEPARATION PRODUCTS. Jet fuel needs to be clean and dry to be safe for use. Any particulate or water contamination causes major issues. There are various points at which aviation fuel is filtered including at point of use. THE CHALLENGE A […]